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Watch and Pray

Once I confess my sins in God’s eyes I am faultless. It is as if I have never done anything wrong in my life. A new beginning. Think about it. It is an awesome way to begin my life. Confess my sins. Get rid of them. God says I am faultless. He has forgiven me. It is simple.

Jude 1:24

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.”

confession This is the first step in life mastery. Now I did not ask to be born into this world. I had nothing to do with being born. Now that is a raw deal. Now I also did not ask to be born with a nature that loves to sin, and be defeated, and do what is wrong and be negative. I did not ask for this nature that I was born with. That is two raw deals. I had nothing to do with it. And when I was born I was born with a sinful nature. My nature loves to sin, loves to do what is wrong. I am limited. How can this be corrected?

God does two things for me. 1.JUSTIFICATION – To take away someone’s fault and guilt even if they do not deserve it. Getting a free pardon. 2.SANTIFICATION – To make one holy, filled with power, victorious, overcoming, strong. This is what God has done for me. Let’s look at the first step. When I take the first step of confessing my sins God gives me a good deal. I was handed a raw deal when I was born. I was born with a limited nature that loves to sin. In the book of Romans we are told that we are justified by faith, we are justified freely by His grace. Therefore I do not have to do anything for it. God justifies me. He takes away my fault. He takes away my guilt. He takes away my shame. He treats me as if I never sinned. It’s a gift that He gives me. All I do is take it. I appreciate it. Thank you God. It is done . I have begun my new life.

Matthew 26:41

Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation: The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak.”

victoryMy spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Here is a clue, the first clue of how to begin a life of power. My spirit is willing. I have got rid of my sins. I have got rid of my guilt. I have got rid of all that stuff that is limiting me. I am battling with my weak flesh. There is a way to overcome my weak flesh. It is simple. He tells me to watch and pray. The first thing is to watch. I have got to watch what I put inside my head. I got to watch what I put into my life. In every dimension of my life I have to watch. Physically, mentally, emotionally, whatever it is I have to watch. I have to watch it all.

I have put so much evil in my life. So much immorality, so much sin and thus it is that I ended up with that kind of life. But it’s over now. I have watched TV with all those murder shows. On the job I have listened to all that profanity. I have read magazines full of murder and sex and all these things. I used to put all that in. And therefore my life reflected those values. It is a divine principle. So to get out of it here is the next thing to do to master my life. Watch what I put in. There are many, many verses that show me what to do.

Psalms 119:11

Thy word have I hid in my heart…

John 8:32

Continue in my word…

John 15:3

You are clean through the word…

Colossians 3:16

Let the Word dwell in you…

I am going to learn how to take the word of God and put it into my mind and heart and life everyday and receive a dose of power every single day. I have got to watch what I put into my life. I have to put in good things. Good books, good thoughts, good things that will move my life in the direction of life mastery.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

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Joseph Walter Brown

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Getting Rid of Sin

How do we get rid of sin in our lives. God makes it so simple to master life. If I want to get rid of sin I must confess it. God will get rid of it. It is the most debilitating thing in my life. I must ask God to forgive me. Why? God knows everything. Am I telling Him something He does not know? There is a very important principle here. Here is what He says.

1John 1:9

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

forgivenessThis is elementary. There is sin in my life. It is limiting me. Dragging me down. Destroying my life. When I confess it. I am getting it if my heart. When I have hurt somebody and I go and say I am sorry. I know that I feel good. If feel good because I have got rid of my guilt, my shame. I unload my shame. Confession is a gift that God gives me to get rid of the guilt, the shame and all that stuff that weighs me down, that is destroying my life.

I confess to God not to another person. Why? Another person my tell on me. If I told other people my sins they may tell on me. God never breaks a confidence. I can go to Him whatever it is I have done in my life. I confess to Him. He forgives me. Guilt and shame and all the things that are a result of sin, that destroy my life and are my greatest enemy to my success.

There is another aspect to this. “The wages of sin is death”. Most Christians relate to this in an eternal sense. “If I am a sinner, I will get lost and someday I am going to go to hell”. That is death. However it applies to this life as well as to eternal life. If I follow a life of sin – there is going to be a death in my life, in my marriage. If there is sin in my marriage, it will die. If there is sin in my life there is going to be death in my finances. If there is sin in my life there is going to be death in my emotions. Anything that is sinful in life will bring death to the things in our life that are important to us physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, everything dimension of life, if there is sin there it is going to destroy. So I have to get rid of it. The simple way is to confess it and God gets rid of it.

Can God lie? Yes or no. He cannot lie.

Micah 7:18-19

“Who is a God like unto thee? That pardons iniquity, and delights in mercy? He will have compassion on us; and will cast their sins into the depth of the sea.”

loveisforgiveness This is incredible. God is saying here that all I have to do is confess it. He will receive it. He died for my sins anyway. They are all taken care of. I get it off my heart. I get rid of the guilt. I bury the past. I put it all behind me. I go forward today. That is the first step of life mastery. I am getting rid of my sins. It is that easy. I cannot work for it. I cannot earn it. I just do it. Are you ready? I have begun to master my life.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

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Joseph Walter Brown

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The Question of SIN

God knows that the single most devastating thing stopping us from achieving a life of success and achievement is SIN. God knows also how to get rid of sin and in the place of it give me the unlimited power of God that will live in my life. How will I be able to tap into that power.

Romans 2:4

“Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering,not knowing the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?”

successfullife Repentance is what I feel. I am sick of my old life. I am sick of living with no power in my life. I am sick of always being helpless. I am sick of always getting mad and losing my temper. I am sick of being a slave to the lusts of the flesh. I am sick of always being depressed and of being discouraged. I am sick of all these bad habits that bind me and limit my life. This feeling I have is called repentance. It is the feeling that God has put in my life telling me that there has got to be more to life than this. I want to achieve more. I want to succeed in every area of my life. I want unlimited power. Are you with me? This is encouraging me. It’s God who has put this feeling in me.

I am studying these things because God, praise Him, has put this in me. He has inspired me to believe I can be all that I can be.

John 6:44

“No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me draw him”

My life has not been what it could have been. There are many things in my life that are totally messed up. But God has been there for me. He is still drawing me. He is inspiring me to reach my God given potential, to live a life of all power. My Creator knows me. He made me. I am made in His image. He has a master plan for me and a master plan for my life. He loves me with a love that is unfathomable and unconditional.

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

God loves me with an incredible love.

Romans 5:8

“But God commended his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Success and achievement is not something I have to do alone. God loves me, He draws me. He inspires me. He put it my heart. So I am encouraged. No matter how much of a mess I am, God is still working in my life. I am doing this. Coming? God uses a principle that is taught in life mastery but few people see it. God takes a negative and He makes a positive out of it. He calls us sinners. That’s negative, but He does it for a reason. Here is the reason. In order to achieve my unlimited potential and all that God wants me to be, I have to start eliminating some things in my life and start adding other things that are not there.

motivation The number one thing that I have to eliminate is this thing called SIN. Most people do not realise this. Sin is the number one cause of failure and problems in everybody’s life. This is a true thing. Sin brings certain elements into life. It brings Guilt. Here is a question. If you are feeling guilty can you live a life of all power? No. Sin also brings discouragement. If you are always discouraged, always down can you achieve your full potential? No. It is impossible. Sin brings shame. If you are ashamed of your life. You can’t look people in the eye. You just don’t feel good. Can you ever achieve your potential that way? No way. Sin brings every debilitating emotion that there is. That is why so many people are always discouraged, always powerless, always down, always mad, always angry and there is power in their life to change things. Because of this thing called simply SIN.

How do we get rid of it? How do we get power to live this abundant life that God wants us to enjoy? A life of full achievement and all power. I want that power. I want it with all my heart.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

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Joseph Walter Brown

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Coming to Terms with Life

I want to continue exploring what the Bible says about mastering your life. I believe in the Bible and I believe it has the power to change lives. I am putting my life forward. I want to change. Religion however is something else. It has caused more heartache and problems, including wars, than anything else that has existed in the world. I love the Bible but hate religion. I love and appreciate many things about the Bible and Christianity because the Bible is a book that makes sense. Christianity is a faith that can be tested. It is built on truth. It is built on evidence. It is built on prophecy. It is built on fact.

bible There are many life mastery programs out there. I am researching the Bible because I believe the other programs fall short on principles. I believe it is impossible to reach your full potential without a complete belief on the Bible and the God of the Bible. Everything around us testifies to a creator God. Any intelligent person has to acknowledge the presence of a Creator God. Look around you. Look at everything in our universe how orderly it is. Look at all the laws that govern every single aspect of our universe.

Look at the watch on your arm. The watch did not come by existence by itself. It came into existence by organised intelligence. Some form of intelligence, a human one. Suppose the watch has a hundred parts in it. Take the parts and disassemble them. Put the parts in a box. You can shake the box for a hundred billion years and the watch parts will never assemble themselves into a smooth working watch. That is correct. Now that is a simple watch with a hundred parts.

Consider now our entire universe. Think about how well the different parts of the universe work together, in perfect harmony. Look at all the laws that are fixed and govern everything. Look at yourself. The image of God. As God created you. Your own internal world. Your ability to love and be loved. Your ability to reproduce someone else just like yourself. That is not the result of random chance. It cannot be. There is all kinds of evidence that there is a Creator God and this God has an incredible plan for your life.

In fact can I know this God? Can this God make an overall difference in my life. Can God make a difference in my overall success and achievement in life? The answer is an absolute YES. I want to tap into this source of power that I have only had a glimpse of before. God’s power is limitless. There is no end to the power that can come into our lives when we connect to God, in a relationship with Him.

weightsuccess Most people go through life powerless. Completely powerless. Which is easier to be good or to be bad? The typical answer is BAD. Is it easier to be positive or negative to life? Always the typical answer is negative. Is it easier to do wrong or to do what is right? It is easier to do wrong. Is it easier to be a failure or a success? Easier to be a failure. Why is it easier to be bad, negative, to do wrong and to be a failure? Why? What is the cause? It boils down to a simple three letter word. SIN.

Sin is the single most detrimental thing there is in the world to destroy your life. Sin is the greatest enemy to your success and achievement in life. Sin is the most debilitating emotion that people feel on a daily basis. Sin brings on feelings like guilt and shame and anger and defeat. Sin destroys yourself worth. It destroys your relationships. It can be devastating to your finances. It will ruin your health. Sin is the underlying root cause of all our poverty and inability to live lives of success and power. This is an absolute Bible fact. Inside of everybody in our societies there is a desire for something better in our lives. Everybody wants more happiness. Everybody wants more money in their life. Everybody wants a better marriage and fulfilling relationships.

You are reading this because there is a desire in you to have a better life, to achieve more, to master things in your life. Everybody has that desire. Where does that desire come from? Who put that desire in you? How does it exist? What does the Bible tell us? God. God put that desire in you. It is my Creator who actually put that feeling in me. God has created every single one of us as human beings of unlimited potential. Unlimited greatness and unlimited power. Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”. And God knows that the single most damaging element in my life to keep me from achieving that success and that power is the thing called sin. The good news is that God knows how to get rid of sin and put in its place the unlimited power that will live in my life.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

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Joseph Walter Brown

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Five Steps to Success

God has made me in His image. He has placed in me unlimited power, unlimited potential. What do I have to do to achieve this? There are 5 steps that I must adopt in my life to begin achieving success.

1. Decide to follow God and Bible principles.

2. Decide what you want out of life in every single area.

3. Take specific actions to achieve your purpose and goals.

4. Monitor your results consistently.

5. Be adaptable, make necessary changes, and role model.

thinking womanStep 1. Decide what you want out of life in every single area. This is fundamental. Maybe you have never given God a chance in your life. I am going for this. God has to be in my life.

Step 2. Decide what you want out of life in every single area. Life everlasting. My debts paid. A good marriage. A happy home. Money must not control my life, I must control money. A successful business life, apbGlobal, Success University, the best of Zambia,, Prophetic Verses, my list is long. Decide for yourself reader. Most people wander through life not knowing what they really want. They settle for far less than they are capable of achieving. Your beliefs, everything, must be decided. When that happens life begins to move towards your targets in life. You cannot hit a target until it is in place. You have to know what the target is. Your brain is then activated and has something to work towards. One thing common about all successful men and women. They were clear about what they wanted in life.

Step 3. Take specific actions to achieve your purpose and goals. Most people never get to this point because they spend their time whining. “I don’t know about that. What if I fail? Maybe someday.” Someday never comes. “Maybe I’ll win the lottery tomorrow.” Someday is right now. The road to Someday leads to the town Nowhere. I have decide that I am not going to be anything less than what God has created me to be. I take specific action to improve my life every day. Take one area of life, maybe the physical area, the financial area, the emotional area, the spiritual area, whatever. Take one thing a day and concentrate on that for one day. And improve it 1%. The following day took another area and improved it 1%. The following day you take your emotional life and improved it 1%. How much would you be able to do over a year – 365% improvement. Think of how life would be if it improved 1% a day for a year. That is a thousand % improvement in 3 years. Losers are people that make excuses for not investing in themselves. Improving their minds and lives. “I can’t afford it.” Losers have money for beer. Losers have money for cigarettes. Losers have money for cable television. They have money for football tickets. Money for everything except for investment in their own minds. There are worthy poor and it is our privilege to help them. However there are people who can change their circumstances but don’t. Losers have time for 60 hours of television a week. They have time for parties, they have time for sports and everything except time to improve themselves. Ignorance is one of the greatest enemies of mankind today. In modern society ignorance is self inflicted and inexcusable. Reader you have taken a step to improve or you would not be reading this. It is going to pay dividends for now and for all eternity.

Step 4. Monitor your results consistently. I ask myself if what I am doing is working for me. Am I learning from my mistakes for I certainly make many mistakes.

life of success Step 5. Be adaptable, make necessary changes, and role model. People quit after they fail once or twice. I am learning to make failure my friend. I harness failure. Failure motivates me to attain a greater life of success. Another important choice in life that speeds self development is role modelling. This is following the example of other successful people. If you want to achieve weight loss follow the example of people who have achieved success in weight loss. If you want to achieve financial success role model people who have achieved financial success. If you want a great spiritual life then role model people like Jesus Christ. Anything you want in life role modelling really speeds up the process. Success and achievement always leaves clues. Pick up those clues step by step and then progress is accelerated. It is faster to learn from others than it is to learn from yourself and have to make all those necessary mistakes. There is a trap we often get into by thinking that knowledge is power. No, knowledge by itself is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. The other trap is the intelligence trap. People say to themselves that they have been to college, they have a degree, therefore I know everything. Their lives are not open to learn anything new. We tell our children all the time that if they don’t get good grades they are never going to be successful. This is not true. Exhaustive research has been done on this subject. There is absolutely no correlation whatsoever in having good grades and having success in areas of life like – mental, spiritual, financial and everything else. No correlation at all. You do not have to be intelligent to be successful. Three quarters of America’s millionaires have less than average intelligence.

woman-on-beach Some people say you have to go to college to become intelligent. That is not true also. The majority of the most successful people in every area of life have never spent a single day in college. Fifty three percent of the college graduates in America are working for people that have never finished high school. I believe education is absolutely important. I believe in higher education. That is a very important part of life. Many people go to school, go to college , get a degree, even a PhD after their name and then they think they are going to be successful. There are millions of people all over the world that have high degrees, have high knowledge but their marriage is a disaster. There are people with a PhD after their name, but they are poor, they are broke. There are people that are well educated and are secure in their professions but they cannot master their emotions. They do not know how to master their bodies they are completely out of shape. Lord have mercy on me. If you want success in every area, physically , mentally , spiritually, in everything, in every area of your life do not get into the intelligence trap. Get to the state where you can say I am going to do all that God requires of me. I will follow all the Bible principles. The most powerful person in the world is the one who has achieved totally high and great education but also has mastered the principles of the Bible and lives a life of success and achievement. With that combination you have an incredibly powerful combination.

I thank God for the power He has already given me to live a life of all power. I claim this as a promise from God as a fact already taking place in my life. I believe with all my heart that God has given me all power.

John 1:12 NLV

He gave the right and the power to become children of God to those who received Him. He gave this to those who put their trust in His name.

Proverbs 16:3 NIV

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

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Joseph Walter Brown

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Changing My Behaviour

The solution to every problem we have in life is to change our human behaviour. We do not have a drug problem in the world. We have a human behaviour problem. Teen age pregnancy is not the result of viruses floating around in the universe. Teenage pregnancy is the direct result of a specific human behaviour. If we want to achieve a life of success and power we have got to change all of our human behaviour. All the problems I have in my life, all the problems we have in society, all the problems we have in marriage, all the problems we have with our governments, these all boil down to human behaviour. I realise this. I can change. There are steps that I can take. There are actions that I can take. In our homes, in our churches, in whatever situation we can change and I want to learn how.

Mastery, self mastery comes from taking daily actions. Improve one thing. Improve 1% of your life. Through these small changes and accepting responsibility and recognising that it is my human behaviour that is responsible for everything in my life I can move my life forward in powerful ways. I am going to look at scripture here.

Proverbs 3 :21-23

“Have two goals, wisdom – that is knowing and doing right – and common sense. Don’t let them slip away, for they will fill you with living energy, they will keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trial.”

businessThese are two things that can begin to move my life in a very powerful way. A consistent weakness that I have is that I do not control the power of my focus and my will. Most of us focus on the negative. “ I don’t feel good. Why do bad things always happen to me? Why am I a failure? Why is life so unfair?” If you focus on that , you will be like that. Whatever we focus on we tend to become in our life.

Most people tend to spend their whole life focusing on minor things.

· How to make a living rather than living a great life.

· Their trials and problems instead of living an abundant life.

· Being discouraged and defeated instead of enthusiastic and achieving.

· On wandering aimlessly through life instead of reaching goals.

Concentrating on all this day to day stuff that is not important at all. And spending time on television, one of the greatest killers of time and inspiration.

Proverbs 12:11

“Hard work means prosperity, only a fool idles away his time.”

You cannot hope to have a life of success if you do not have hope that achievement is going to come your way. Many people just sit around hoping their whole life and doing nothing about it. If you put good stuff into your life you are going to get good stuff out. My mind and my will are the most powerful tools that I have on this planet. God promises that if I follow his principles and use my mind and will properly, I am going to have a life of success.

I can achieve anything I want to because all things are possible through Christ. In a research project done a few years ago Stanford University established that most humans use only 2% of their brain. That means we are all exercising only a very small percentage of our God given potential.

vanityThe very first step for me to perform and achieve is to accept the fact that deep inside of me God has placed a vast bank of wisdom and knowledge and power and potential that I have so far simply failed to withdraw from. I have a million dollars in the bank and I never touch it. My mind is capable of anything. God says, “I can do anything I want with Him”. Unlimited greatness. Unlimited potential. If only 2% of the brain is used what would happen if 4% was used. I would be twice as smart. If I learn to use 6% then I would be at the top 1% of the world population.

God has made me in his image. Unlimited power. Unlimited potential. That is the kind of life God wants to give me. I am going for it!

Most of us went to school, got a good education and got a good job. We were taught how to read and write. We may even have been taught a great profession. But we were never taught how to succeed in life.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

Get daily inspiration at Prophetic Verses.

Joseph Walter Brown

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Responsible for my Life

Anybody can achieve success. You do not need to be an intellectual. You do not need to be someone special. Success is as predictable as the sunrise. Therefore anybody can achieve success. Including me. If your life has been a failure it is not because of one act. To be a failure you have to go down in your life step by step. Not giving 100%. Not improving yourself. Not caring and so on. This translates into a step by step downward trend.

Businessman Thinking Success is the same way. It is a step by step progress up. Using your will. Giving 100%. A life of success and achievement is built one step at a time. Steady daily progress. It never happens instantly. Plan to make 1% improvement today, another 1% tomorrow and another 1% the following day and so on.

Within a year your life will literally explode with power. With the passing of time you make it a way of life. It is not something you just do once when you hear it. It should become who you are. A great way to live.

After the decision is made, you’ve got to take responsibility of your life.

Accepting responsibility for your life

is the starting point of all great accomplishment.

As I look at my life. I realise I am the architect of my life. I am responsible for the destiny of my life. I am the driver behind the wheel of my life. I am where I am, I am what I am in life because of my own choices, my own decisions and using the power that I have to put me where I am today. I accept responsibility. It is not my parents’ fault who raised me a certain way, it is not the government. It is not because I was raised poor or that I did not have opportunities or any other thing. It is me. I am totally responsible for my life, my character, my decisions. I am responsible for everything that has ever happened to me in my life. This is an important step. I am taking this step today.


teamsuccessEven God will not force your will. He will not force my will. The acceptance of personal responsibility for your life is literally the starting point of all success. Without the acceptance of personal responsibility for your life there is nothing else that will take place. There is a one to one relationship between the amount of responsibility you are willing to take in your life and the amount of success you are going to enjoy in your life. You can spot a winner all the time. How do you spot a winner? A winner is always somebody who looks to himself as the cause of what is happening in his life. A loser is always making excuses. Always blaming somebody else. Always blaming Mom and Dad or whoever. The government, the job, the home, the school, the teacher. “I was brought up this way. That is what they did to me.”

I want to get past this. I will not blame my parents, my country, my friends, my family. I will not blame my past or my present. I am from now on responsible for my life. Now I am ready to take the second step towards a life of success and achievement.

Joseph Walter Brown

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