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Daily devotion is an important lesson to take on board to master life. I have to have my daily devotion. It is more important than eating. It is more important than school. It is more important than work. It is more important than sports. It is more important than television. It is more important than any other thing that is in my life. Why? If we take a look at our physical body. If we deny it of food one could possibly last about 30 to 40 days. If you deny it of water you will last a few days. Let us look beyond the physical and look at the spiritual.

Your spiritual body is far more important than your physical. You physical body will die, but your spiritual has the potential to live for all eternity!

devotion My physical body will end up dying 70 to 80 years old. My spiritual body has the potential to live for all eternity. I am awed at the power of this. This is part of being immortal a principle that the Bible teaches. Yet so few of us take care of the spiritual body. It is just as critical to daily eat spiritual food as it is to eat daily physical food to maintain life and health.

There is another important factor to consider. Every day we are constantly being bombarded with negativity and fear and evil and immorality and profanity and pessimism and anger and racism and hatred and gossiping and people that are totally out of control of their lives. Just turn on your television set. Watch the news and you will probably hear not one single positive item. Watch prime time television for three hours, flip from channel to channel. The programs are filled with hundreds of people who lost their tempers, people who yelled, people who worried, people who cuss, people who murdered each other, people who were stressed, people who complained, people who were upset, people who cried, people who lied. Add to that your workplace with people who are frazzled, under pressure and complaining and cussing. You drive home and put on the radio and all the talk shows are dealing with the government and taxes, school problems, crime, teenage pregnancy, lack of leadership, drug use, unsafe streets, the economy, and health care and cost of living. You turn to another station and this man is having an affair with that woman, heartbreak and cheating hearts.

biblestudy God have mercy. It is no wonder society is so totally messed up. You cannot pour all that stuff in and expect to live a life of success and achievement and power. It is impossible. You have to counteract all the bombardment of negative stuff with something good. You have to take the time of daily devotion with God. Why?


You cannot think crooked and live a straight life. You cannot put all that in and expect to achieve your full potential. You got to counteract all this tide of negative bombardment of sin and evil and everything that destroys your life by having a daily devotional time with God. And develop that relationship with God in a beautiful way. The source of all power.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars.

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Joseph Walter Brown

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