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I Am Dead

dead to sin God stands in our life and says, “I am giving you the victory. I am giving you the victory over your temper.” Now if God gives me something, what do I have to do to get it? I take it. I take the victory. It is so simple, it is hard. As adults we want to know if there is something that we have to do to get the victory from God. Nothing. Just take it. “Don’t I have to try to keep the Sabbath?” No, it is done for you. Just take the victory.

It is contrary to our nature to just take it. We have a hard time accepting it. We need to understand this concept, that victory is a gift from God, then there is no stress, there is no pressure to try to quit the bad habit. I do not have to battle with my bad habits anymore, I do not have to fight anymore.

I can just sit back and relax and say, “Thank you God. I accept your gift of victory. I believe your Word. I believe you have given me victory, therefore it is out of my life. Thank you Lord God.” This is powerful. I believe that God can give me victory on any limiting habit I am willing to quit. This is the first step.


1Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God, which GIVETH us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the key thing. No longer will we pray, “Dear Jesus, give me the strength, dear Jesus help me not to do this today.” No we need to forget this kind of prayer because Jesus has given us the victory and we need to thank Him. Jesus wants us to have the victory therefore He gives it to us. He has already given it to us. We just need to take it. It is simple . I no longer complicate it.


Romans 6:11

Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be DEAD indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God says that once I have given you the victory, then whenever that sin or habit comes into your life again reckon that you are dead. If you are dead, can you smoke? No. If you are dead can you lose your temper? No. If you are dead can you yell? No. If you are dead can you snuff cocaine? No. If you are dead you cannot do it anymore. It is impossible. God says that we are to think of ourselves as dead.

Let’s say you have a problem smoking. You are on the job. The craving comes to smoke. “Boy I would like to have a smoke.” What are you going to do? You can say I am going to try to quit. God give me strength. You will fail.

When the temptation comes to smoke, go back to the promise “God give me the victory. I am dead I can’t smoke anyway. I am dead. Praise God. Thank you for giving me the victory.”

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars

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