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Just Take It

God gives me the victory. I take it. I believe and consider myself dead to that sin. I make absolutely no provision for my habit. Then the power of God literally does a miracle in my life. The story is told of Peter the disciple in the Bible. Peter was out on a boat at night with the other disciples. He looked across the water and he saw Jesus. Jesus was out there walking on water. Peter was just amazed and intrigued. He looked at Jesus and said, “Lord, I want to walk on the water too”.

walking on water Can anybody walk on water? Yes or no. No, nobody can walk on water. It is humanly impossible. The Lord looked at Peter. He spoke two words. He said, “Peter come”. That is all He said, “Peter come”. Peter heard those two words. He knew that God could not lie. So he stepped out of the boat. He stepped on the water. What did Peter do? He walked on the water. He walked on the water all the way to Jesus Christ. Peter did what was humanly impossible.

Peter did it. How did Peter walk on water? He walked by faith in Jesus. He had faith in God’s Word. It was only two words. “Peter come”. When Peter believed, he walked on water. When he believed the Word of God, God did the miracle. That is the power of God. We need to realise it.

When people have problems they go home and pray about it, “Lord give me strength”. This never works because we are denying what God has already done for us. We need only to acknowledge and thank God. I believe that when I have a problem, God has already given me the victory. I just have to take it. God says, “Believe you are dead to it. Get rid of anything that feeds the habit. The victory is instant. It is here. It is now.

Peter was able to walk on water not because he could, but because he simply believed the Word of God. Two words. “Peter come”. When Peter believed it, God did the miracle. When I believe every Word that is in the Bible my life is going to know a power that is literally limitless and my life will never ever end. We all have this promise from God. Just take it.

With grateful acknowledgement – Leo Schriven’s amazing All Power Seminars

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Joseph Walter Brown

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