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Psalm 23 Moving around with Boss man

Moving around with Boss man
Lord God, You’re my ultimate Boss man. With You in charge I have it all. You’re always renewing me in body and mind. It’s in Your nature to take me through life along amazing scenic routes, with quality stopovers for refreshment and relaxation!

Yes I experience challenges and and even life-threatening situations – but I’m not scared. Because You’re right by my side, reassuring me and encouraging me with Your guidance and protection.

What’s more, You’re setting me up for a fantastically rich future. And everyone can see it! You acknowledge me and affirm me – it’s almost too much.

I’m so excited about Your blessings and grace following me all the days of my life … and I can’t wait to live with You for ever. You’re my Boss man!

Julia Rosamund Brown March 27 2010

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