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Whom or what I depend on

Son of righteousness I recently realised that I was hopelessly dependent on money and time. I believed that if I had money the bulk of my challenges in life would be over. If I had more time, if I could somehow organise myself better and draw my boundaries better, then any challenges remaining (after the money issue was sorted) would fizzle out too. Yes money and time would sort me out. They were all I needed for a fruitful and happy life. But God said to me the other day “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

I’m a Christian. I believe and love my Lord. He gave Himself for me when He died on the cross of Calvary. I know He wants all of me. He’s a jealous God. I’ve given myself to Him and really love this experience with my Special Friend. Really love being lead and encouraged by Him to develop – to grow and change for His glory. He leads me through the valley to pastures green. The other day He said to me “You shall not make for yourself an idol.”

These things that I now recognise as my old idols – I now realise they were horrible masters. Cruel and fickle. Destructive and disruptive. I’m so glad to throw them out the window with God’s help, to cast them away from me. Yes we need money. Yes we need time. But my Heavenly Father knows I have need of these. He said to me the other day “Seek Ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness.” He said “All these things shall be added unto you.”

Thank you Lord for being so patient with me, for waiting for me – finally I get it! Put You and Your righteousness first, and You will provide the money and time I need to face my challenges! Money and time are resources that belong to you! So simple yet so deep. So rewarding yet so obscure. I found a hidden pearl of great price. I rejoice in God my Saviour.

Julia Rosamund Brown Oct 03 2009

Bible verses quoted:- Ex.20.3 KJV, Ex.20.4 NIV and Matt.6.33 KJV

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Responsible for my Life

Anybody can achieve success. You do not need to be an intellectual. You do not need to be someone special. Success is as predictable as the sunrise. Therefore anybody can achieve success. Including me. If your life has been a failure it is not because of one act. To be a failure you have to go down in your life step by step. Not giving 100%. Not improving yourself. Not caring and so on. This translates into a step by step downward trend.

Businessman Thinking Success is the same way. It is a step by step progress up. Using your will. Giving 100%. A life of success and achievement is built one step at a time. Steady daily progress. It never happens instantly. Plan to make 1% improvement today, another 1% tomorrow and another 1% the following day and so on.

Within a year your life will literally explode with power. With the passing of time you make it a way of life. It is not something you just do once when you hear it. It should become who you are. A great way to live.

After the decision is made, you’ve got to take responsibility of your life.

Accepting responsibility for your life

is the starting point of all great accomplishment.

As I look at my life. I realise I am the architect of my life. I am responsible for the destiny of my life. I am the driver behind the wheel of my life. I am where I am, I am what I am in life because of my own choices, my own decisions and using the power that I have to put me where I am today. I accept responsibility. It is not my parents’ fault who raised me a certain way, it is not the government. It is not because I was raised poor or that I did not have opportunities or any other thing. It is me. I am totally responsible for my life, my character, my decisions. I am responsible for everything that has ever happened to me in my life. This is an important step. I am taking this step today.


teamsuccessEven God will not force your will. He will not force my will. The acceptance of personal responsibility for your life is literally the starting point of all success. Without the acceptance of personal responsibility for your life there is nothing else that will take place. There is a one to one relationship between the amount of responsibility you are willing to take in your life and the amount of success you are going to enjoy in your life. You can spot a winner all the time. How do you spot a winner? A winner is always somebody who looks to himself as the cause of what is happening in his life. A loser is always making excuses. Always blaming somebody else. Always blaming Mom and Dad or whoever. The government, the job, the home, the school, the teacher. “I was brought up this way. That is what they did to me.”

I want to get past this. I will not blame my parents, my country, my friends, my family. I will not blame my past or my present. I am from now on responsible for my life. Now I am ready to take the second step towards a life of success and achievement.

Joseph Walter Brown

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Commit to be Wealthy

The first step to a life of achievement and power and success is to trust and reverence the Lord. Get it together with God. God does not play favourites. We are all created equal. We are all created unique but with equal opportunity. We experience life to the fullest. All successful people realize that, believe that and come to a turning point when they claim responsibility of their life. “ I am responsible for my life and I am going to go forward with my life”.

goodlifeMacDonald’s has over 30,000 outlets and it is reported that they have never had a single outlet fail. Why? MacDonald’s is a proven success system. It simple works. It is the same with life mastery. They are principles in the Word of God. These principles just work. Therefore it follows that if I learn and apply them they should work for me. Same applies to you reader. Let’s explore them.

Mastering life is really not difficult. It boils down to two principles.


1. A desire on your part.

2. A commitment to follow through in your daily life and apply they principles based on the Word of God.

All the dreams then that I have can happen in my life. Most people never commit to become wealthy. This is a fact. Most Christians never commit to become wealthy.

Taking the developed world as an example, consider 100 people at age 65 after 40 years of work:

1 Will be wealthy

4 Will be financially independent.

15 Will have a minimal savings, – not enough to retire on.

80 Will be flat broke, or in debt.

window After years of hard work only 1 will be financially wealthy. Only 4 of them are going to be financially independent and be able to take care of themselves. 15 will have minimal savings but not enough to retire on. 80 out of 100 will be flat broke or in debt. This is shocking because we are living in one of the most affluent societies in the world. This is a terrible way to end up. This is what the Bible says.

Proverbs 3: 16-17

Wisdom gives a long good life, riches, honour, pleasure, and peace.

Every single one of us wants a long good life. Is that not right? Every one of us wants riches. Is that not right? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to have honour and pleasure? I do. Do you want peace? Personal peace? These are the things we all desire the most in life. The only way I am going to get this is to do it God’s way. I must have God’s wisdom and follow the Bible’s plan. Let’s take a look at life. What makes a difference in people quality of life? What makes people think like they think? Act like they act? Behave like they behave? Do the things that they do?

The difference in the quality of peoples life, whether they are successful or not does not come down to capability. What people can do is often very different from what they do. Very different indeed. It boils down to your will. Willpower is something that I have started to exercising. I am learning how to exercise my will. My willpower will change my life. “I want to change my life. I have come to the point in my life where I want to have mastery of my life”.

Millionaires. Let’s take a look at them. 80% of the millionaires in the world are self made. 97% of the millionaires never spent a single day in college. These facts tell us that anybody can achieve success. You do not need to be an intellectual, you don’t have to be anybody special.

Joseph Walter Brown

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Whatever benefits the most people

The honest ownership of a business that is legal, that does not take advantage of people, not lying, cheating or stealing but a productive business delivering quality products that people need and are going to buy anyway and guaranteeing when they get it. This is business. This is called entrepreneurship. 

worshipIt is great when a couple dream together, identify together, see the future together. You must believe that you are going to succeed in your life endeavour. Say that you are a winner. You are going to win because you are going to do the best with your life. You are not going to do anything less than the best. You are going to go after the best.

What is the best? The best is that which the most people will benefit from. Whatever benefits the most people is what you do with your life. Do it gladly. People will criticize and minimize your enterprise, but do it anyway. Motivate yourself and go do what you need to do. Build an organization of people. Build an organization of people that want to be in it because they want to be free. Build an organization of people that are willing to pay the price. Build a team of people that are willing to learn the best so that they can teach the best.

Anybody can make a decision to be a multi millionaire. Anybody can. Anybody can who can believe this unashamedly can become one, if you learn the process. What is the process?

1. Work five nights a week. (You will keep your job until you are free.)

2. Do the nine things that have been identified as good core habits.

3. Use the three powers that have been identified as essential for success.

3.1. The power of unity, the power of teamwork, pulling together, uplifting and encouraging each other.

3.2. The power of the spoken word.

3.2.1. “You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth.” Proverbs 6:2.

3.2.2. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21.

drinking3.2.3. When we do this we are making the Word of God, the Bible come alive in our life. You will make the Word of God prove itself over and over again. These are principles, spiritual laws that work for all mankind. I invite you no matter what your religion, race or nationality to take God on His Word.

3.3. The power of submission.

These ideas will be developed as I continue to blog. But this is noteworthy. Jesus sponsored 12 disciples. The Christian faith was built on the principles of networking. That is where we have learned this system from. Do not be dismayed by people who do not understand that helping other people, uplifting people is the way to Godly prosperity. Truthfully they are going nowhere.

I am thrilled that the Bible is the foundation on which one can build life upon.

Joseph Walter Brown

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Anchored in the Word

The principles of success are amazingly powerful and many different world views embrace them. But what differentiates the Christian life success message from that of the atheist, the humanitarian or the New Age movement? We all talk about positive thinking, dreaming, goal-setting, believing in yourself, the mastermind principle, the power of the subconscious, mentorship and association, communication… Don’t miss a success boat that can move you from an ordinary life to an extra-ordinary one. We have a responsibility to be everything that God planned for us to be.

handhold So what distinguishes the Christian view point? I believe our boat is uniquely anchored in God’s Word. This prevents us from drifting, and from being buffeted around by every current or wind of doctrine. We need a firm stable anchor. He who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. James 1:6 NIV.

If we have drifted off course in our lives, we can come back to God. In fact the Lord invites us to. Admit that you rebelled against the Lord your God… I will bring you back to the land of Israel… And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:13-15 NLT. I desire those shepherds, or mentors, sent from God, to guide me with knowledge and understanding.

Don’t get caught up in a sweeping tide of indulgence and luxury. Always remember that it is God who gives prosperity, so that we can share with others. Jesus advises us not to trust in riches. Get riches but don’t trust in them. Anchor yourself in these truths and you will stay steady as you develop and achieve.

Julia Rosamund Brown

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A definition of network marketing

The incredible truth is that man, the crowning act of God’s creation, has the ability to keep on growing. You can limit yourself to any level you want or you can continue growing. Happiness is overcoming to become. Happiness is found when you are accomplishing a worthwhile God-given goal. Many people go to school and when they come out of it they say, “That’s it.” And their growth stops at that point. When that happens it’s a great shame.Your life should always have new things in it that you have identified you want to do. Always have new things to accomplish. Have new ladders to climb. The first projects may be small in comparison to later projects. Learn to dream bigger and bigger. Plan to make an impact on the world.

boy Entrepreneurship is business. It’s helping people get what they need. This will give you freedom. I desire to have personal freedom. A good government can provide the environment to create economic freedom. However the only one who can give you economic freedom is you! No one should rejoice in poverty. No one should get up in the morning and say, “I am happy to be poor.” When you are poor you are an unused person. You are not using your God-given talents. Everybody has unused ability. Therefore for God’s glory we need to be continually growing. Learning to use even some of your ability will enable you to be a positive in this world rather than a negative.

Why do you want to be successful? One thing may be to gain freedom from your job. A job takes your most precious commodity, time, which you exchange for money. To make more money you have to surrender more time. That method of occupation does not give you freedom. A good reason to be successful is to own yourself. Success allows you to control your economic future.

Why do people fail? People fail because they get a few basic things wrong. You need to change things. You need to take charge of your life. You need to say, “I am going for the good life”. Does this mean money? No! Money is just a measuring device. Many people think that God wants them to be poor. I do not think so. I believe that God wants me to be very successful. It is a sad truth that poor people cannot help each other.

Wealth attracts. Poverty repels. But there is a price for success. The price is developing your God-given talents. Talents are required to be able to help people. And it is necessary to be free, to be in a position where you can help others. That is why it is important to work towards owning your own business. It is important to call your own shots. It is important to do what it takes, especially when the work is helping and uplifting your fellow human beings to succeed.

girl Why doesn’t everyone make it? The only person that controls whether you make it or not is yourself. If you make it, it will be because you paid the price. If you do not make it, it will be because you were not willing to make the changes in your life that constitute paying the price. Many criticize network marketing. But it remains the best system on this planet for allowing ordinary people to take a shot at changing their lives for the better.

What is network marketing? It involves building a system for growth and an organization of people who want a better way of life. The work is building, uplifting and encouraging people to improve their lives, looking for and finding something positive in a person and go from there.

Let the weakling say, “I am strong!” Joel 3:10. Let the poor say, “I am rich.”

To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. Matthew 25:15. Will you use your God-given talents for His glory?

Joseph Walter Brown

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Blessings or Curses

One of the greatest gifts that you can give your parents if they are living is success principles, success thinking. To see these principles of God work for you and work for your family is a blessing from God. To see these Godly principles work for me and to see them work for my wife has been and is a tremendous blessing. Our desire is to see these Godly principles work for our children, including our church family. One of the greatest gifts that you can give your children is economic freedom.

success In a free enterprise system this means having your own business. This means being an entrepreneur. Be proud of this. Be proud that you are creating jobs. Be proud that you are doing something that is beneficial to a lot of people. The more people benefit from your life, the more successful you become. This is a basic principle, this is a key to life that is not taught in school and it is not taught in college. People must benefit from your life. It is not OK to just take in life, you must give. Figure out, dear friend, what you can give in life not what you can take. The greatest giver is where the greatest wealth is.

There are many businesses one can do and all of them are important for the economy of a country. One type of business is a network marketing business where you can start for very low capital investment. Network marketing requires that you help other people succeed. The business is about people. You have to learn to relate to people. You learn to understand the nature of man. Now if you are sharing the gospel the principles are the same, absolutely. Therefore ask this, my brother. What skill set do you need to share and complete the work of the Master?

Succeed in life friend, so that you can set an example for your children. You mother and father can be proud of you. There are many Christians who say you should not be rich in society today and they believe they can back up these claims with God’s Word. We shall be examining these things. Why did God give us a brain that can do 20,000 trillion calculations a second? 20,000 trillion a second in a 1.5kg brain mass. Why would God give us such a brain?

Deuteronomy 28 declares that poverty is a curse and God wants us to have the blessings. ‘But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.’  Deuteronomy 8:18.

Learn & Earn Wealth is created through His power and might. Amen. I have a dream. I have a vision. I know where I am going. He has put me at the right place, at the right time, with the right people to fulfil His plans for me. He does this through my subconscious and I can say, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’  Matthew 19:25.

Joseph Walter Brown

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Reasons to make money

One of the most incredible discoveries that I have made is that I am the architect of my own future. God works through my subconscious to put me at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, for my dream, my vision, to become a reality, that goal that I have identified. God has given me a worthwhile goal. For a long time I have not understood this. God communicates through the mind, putting me exactly where I need to be. It is not an accident. I have a vision of being economically free. I have a dream of setting an example for my children. There are many reasons that drive us to desire to succeed. God arranges things in my life and in yours too. I was introduced to a number of business opportunities with my wife. Such an opportunity is nothing more than a vehicle of success. So reading this blog is not a fluke. Can you see God’s direction?

To step out from your comfort zone requires guts. Gutless people do not succeed. You do not succeed unless you have motivation. That desire to change the circumstances of your life begins with your own life. I have to change. Once you have found a way to succeed, the only person that can stop you from succeeding is yourself. I am the only one that can stop me from succeeding.

joe Step one is to find someone who has succeeded in life in your chosen vehicle of success and get the best advice you can get so that you make the fewest mistakes. Now I have made mistakes. I fail daily. I make my own mistakes. I make mistakes that no one else can make but me. The great news is that the foundation to all success is failure. Willingness to fail is to learn. That is why I have put myself and my wife and everybody that joins our team on an educational program. We get on an educational program so that we can succeed. If you are not teachable you are wasting time. Create in your life opportunities to learn. I begin with the Bible. I study the patriarchs, the Bible characters. I study the founding fathers of the church, good men in history, successful men and women of today. I know that if I do not master the principles of success I will not live the dream I want in life. Hey no direction then I will just drift along.

You have first of all got to believe in the business you do. You have to be absolutely sure you are doing the right thing. To become a successful entrepreneur you have got to learn what has been done before. Then you have to teach it correctly. We have chosen the network marketing model of business. In other blogs I will explain why network marketing. We will not apologise for this. We set out to make money and we teach others to do the same. When we make money we do good things with the money. I made mistakes in life as I said earlier. I have acquired huge debts. These failures are foundations upon which to build success. So God teaches me to prosper. We do good things with the money like pay our debts. God does not want His people to be in debt. Therefore if you are in debt you have a good reason to need to make money like me. Do not be fooled into the ‘God will provide’ syndrome. It is a trap. Run away from it. I have been there and only got myself in more debt.

Your dreams in life should never stop. Your first dream may be to get rid of the job. Be free from the need for a job. Your dream may be like mine, “Let’s get out of debt”. I also dream of controlling money and not letting it control me. Moving on with your life you may ask, “Why should I succeed?” One of the biggest reasons to succeed is to give to your father and mother, if they are still living something to be proud of. Another reason to desire success is because of family. If your family is like mine then they will desperately need help. I lost my mother and father but Julia still has her mother and we so much want her to be proud of us. Personally I want my children to be proud of me. Do not be fooled dear friend into just doing a job even if it is a good job, and hope to achieve. We will talk about jobs later also. This is a spiritual blog coming from the heart and we will explore God’s requirements, His promises and how wonderful they are. At the same time we invite you to contact us for the solutions too, the practical solutions.

Joseph Brown

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